Locks: Promising prospects

The development of the lock industry is closely related to people's lives. At present, China has become a major producer of locks in the world, and has formed the four major production bases, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Zhongshan, Shandong and Shanghai. "But China is not a strong country because it produces mostly low-end products at a lower price.

Those high-end locks are mainly produced in Europe, the United States and Japan. Recently, a person in charge of the '09 China International Hardware Show (CIHS'09) said in an interview with reporters: "This is related to China's national conditions and consumer consumption levels and consumption habits. The development of lock products is to follow. When the market goes, only the market has demand, and the lock companies will develop and occupy the high-end market. At present, with the increase in the number of high-end buildings in China, lock companies will definitely explore the high-end market. ”

According to the participation of the China International Hardware Show (CIHS) lock exhibitors, the difficulty in developing high-grade locks is to withstand high raw material costs and design costs; the high-grade locks are expensive because the materials themselves are very expensive. According to a professional audience (high-end lock dealer) who visits CIHS every year, the door locks he distributes are all made of high-quality copper rods made in Italy. The carefully selected copper rod materials are forged by a 1000-ton forging press. To ensure that the quality of the door lock raw materials can stand the test. In addition, these locks are beautifully designed and crafted. These characteristics are difficult to achieve in many Chinese locksmiths. It is understood that in recent years, the product technology and grades of China's lock industry have improved, but the high-end products that have been developed have far-reaching advantages in terms of quantity and type compared with foreign high-end products. Only large lock companies such as Changchun Hongda Group and Wenzhou Tianyu have entered the ranks of developing high-end smart locks. Those SMEs are facing a more severe competitive situation.

The Deputy Secretary-General of China Hardware Products Association, Mr. Lu Jiying, believes that the small and medium-sized lock enterprises should seek development in the competition. First, they should start from the brand and accumulate a certain amount of capital, and gradually develop the high-end lock market. “In order to promote the trading of innovative products, CIHS'09 has set up a new product exhibition area. But more importantly, the exhibition hopes to inspire more innovation awareness of Chinese lock manufacturers by displaying new products. After all, the market is changing, enterprises must adapt to this. Variety.

There is a way out for change. The person in charge of CIHS'09 said that the person in charge also said that although China's high-end locks lag behind developed countries in Europe and America, the achievements can not be ignored. In recent years, the number of new products to be registered has been increasing, this year mainly concentrated in the sedan series. Lock, IC card electronic door lock, plastic steel door and window lock, electronic code door lock, double door lock, valve lock, building intercom anti-theft system, encrypted magnetic card door lock, etc., which are developed in China in recent years New products.

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